Review of Protein shake Fit Balance

Protein shake Fit BalanceReview: Protein shake Fit Balance – An excellent source of energy, restores power after a workout, helps out during the day.

Restores energy, builds muscle, delicious, convenient, natural.


Protein Shake Fit Balance is our first experience with sports nutrition, and it turned out to be an excellent replacement for a snack or afternoon tea.

Catching FitCurves the club, which has already been written here before, we are gradually drawn into a healthy lifestyle, and frankly it hooked.

Since we do is by visiting the training, it is not stopping at half way to beauty and health do their diet.

Very fortunately for us, the club has a course on healthy eating, which includes a schedule of meals.

It was found that in order to be awake during the day and time to obtain the necessary materials, need to eat five times a day. That is, besides the three ordinary times, we need to do another two snacks, not chocolate or cake, as such, to maintain a balance of nutrients in the body.

Ensure yourself that balance is not always possible.
And there it was offered to us and the club to try a protein shake Fit Balance, which is distributed by FitCurves network.

In fact, it is recommended as a sports nutrition after exercise. Such charging for tired muscles to build them faster.

But very well, this shake was also a great replacement snack, nourishing and energizing when necessary.

After tasting sports nutrition for the first time, we were very happy with the result.

Shake comes in powder form, which should be diluted with water or milk. We breed with warm water, the taste is still this does not become worse. It is milky and fruity, delicate and pleasant. It looks like milkshakes, all of which make the house in the summer, when there is a handy fruit, milk and a blender.

Since FitCurves – a network of sports clubs, focused only on women, and the power that the company produces, taking into account the small female weaknesses. That is, it is a fruit, delicious, fragrant, available in bright beautiful package.

This attention to detail without compromising quality protein shake made Fit Balance is very pleasant and convenient option of sports nutrition.

Shake is sold in a variety of taste variations. This strawberry and raspberry, chocolate, vanilla, banana. That is such a good way to treat yourself to a tasty, while not harming the health and figure. You drink snacks – and instead of the waist muscles grow. Nicely.

After trying all the flavors during exercise, we chose a raspberry.

This protein shake is very convenient to take with you on the go when you know exactly what to dine or even normally can not eat, and skip meals – our own peril.

Simply permission or excuse it with warm water or milk in a bottle and take to the bag instead of mineral water.

Shake can drink and cold and warm. You can not only do very hot, because that can not be diluted – it just will curdle.

In addition, if you know that there is in what and how to breed, it is much easier to take a bag.

That is, the shake us liked the fact that it is easy to use.

Undoubtedly, the main quality Fit Balance, which we appreciated, was the benefit that it brings a balanced composition.

Firstly, it does energizes. Moreover, it is the energy, which is enough for a long time, since the protein shake.

When I tired after a workout, when you simply do not have the energy – it’s a great outlet.

Secondly, as part no filth such as dyes or fragrances.

Instead of them – fruit powders, which are obtained, according to the manufacturer of natural juices.

Thirdly, it really helps build muscles, which is especially important right now for us.

Fourth, the structure registered in great detail, as in a bag or on the box.

In addition, the manufacturer Fit Balance have detailed information on the composition as a whole, based on the box and on a separate sachet. For a person who is closely monitoring your diet regime and balance, it is very important.

Thus, protein shake Fit Balance is very useful to us in training and during the day. It helps to keep track of your nutrition, easily and quickly obtain all necessary materials quickly fill the energy deficit.

Recommended protein shake Fit Balance all those who are watching their health and observe the diet.

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