Review of Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Cleaner Machine

Bissell-Big-Green-Deep-Cleaning-Professional-Grade-Carpet-Cleaner-MachineReview of Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Professional Grade Carpet Cleaner Machine

I do not like cleaning, so do not love! And when I started to think about what you can buy a washing vacuum cleaner, it seemed to me that he decides to almost all my problems arise, namely:

1. It will be no divorce wash laminate that need to wipe dry if you wash it normal cloth.

2. Will wash tile joints, which are washed only with a toothbrush and aggressive means.

And start the search. I read reviews, consulted with sales consultants in the shops of home appliances. Opt for Bissel, what do not regret, although others did not use.


Let’s start with the advantages:

1) excellent washes and tile;

2) laminate washes is also very good, but here there is one thing: that the water does not remain at all, and, accordingly, there was no divorce, you need to make a vacuum between the floor and the brush, and it is physically quite hard.

3) vacuums simply superb! My old vacuum cleaner or goes with it in any comparison!

4) is very easy to assemble, disassemble and wash – literally 5 minutes

5) A large number of nozzles included.

6) heats the water up to 80 (!!!) degrees! Hot water washes everything is much easier and better.

7) Included are 3 bottles with spices. means, but without vacuum cleaner washes perfectly – it is rarely used, for example, laundered floors renovated.

8) cleans blockages in pipes !!! This is a very cool feature, there is a special attachment for her. But the smell, of course, not a pleasant one!

Of the minuses I note:

1) heavy. If they do spring cleaning, the outdated back, even if carry it by the handle

2) loud. I do not interfere at all, but if someone has an increased sensitivity to sounds – it is certainly not your option!

3) there is no automatic cord winder, but a place for him on the vacuum cleaner is prepared, so mosey handles)))

3) price, although it is justified for me.

I’m sorry if it turned unclear and not in the case – this is my first review.

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